Good fishing!

Are you one of those who love to angle their dinner fresh from the lake when you're on holiday or simply close to the water? Fishing enthusiasts can choose from a great number of lakes, rivers, rivulets and canals with a wide variety of fish.

Non-predatory fish

If you would like to stick to non-predatory fish such as roach, white bream or bream, you won't require a fishing permit ('Fischereischein'). However, you will need a fishing card ('Angelkarte') and a fishing levy sticker ('Fischereiabgabemarke'), both of which can be obtained in outfitter shops with fishing equipment and at the local tourist offices.

Predatory fish

In order to angle predatory fish such as pike, perch, eel and catfish you will need to pass an exam to obtain a fishing permit ('Fischereischein'). You can buy the fishing card ('Angelkarte') and sticker ('Fischereiabgabemarke') by producing your fishing permit to the staff at one of the listed shops or offices.

Special regulation

Foreign visitors are allowed to fish non-predatory and predatory fish without a fishing permit ('Fischereischein'). However, you will still need to procure a fishing card ('Angelkarte') and a fishing levy sticker ('Fischereiabgabemarke'). Your passport will be sufficient proof of non-residency in Germany.