Brandenburg an der Havel – the town on the river

The town gives its name to the state and looks back over more than 1,000 years of recorded history. When strolling around the three historic town centres you will encounter the Havel River time and again, as its numerous branches crisscross the entire town.

Water-sport region with many opportunities

Have you been considering a sailing trip, canoe tour or renting a houseboat or raft? On the vast lakes and intricate waterways around Brandenburg an der Havel, you can expect a truly unique water-sport experience. The water-sport region of the Brandenburg Havel Lakes with more than thirty square kilometres of water is rich in contrasts. 

Town centre and lakeland

From the water, you can see sights that bear witness to over 1,000 years of existence at close quarters in the historic town centre of Brandenburg an der Havel, which is located on three different islands on the Havel River.

In the west there are seven lakes that connect to form the magnificent lakeland of the Westliche Havelseenplatte, a promising area for serious sailors looking for great adventure as well as an attractive choice of tours for motorboat skippers.

The chain of Beetzsee Lakes

The chain of Beetzsee Lakes stretches to the north of the town centre far into the Havelland. There is little traffic on these long narrow lakes, which makes them ideal for canoeing or sailing over several days, provided your boat has a folding mast. Small villages with charming little brick churches appear time and again along the banks of Beetzsee Lake.