Werder (Havel) – town centre with a unique atmosphere

Werder's Old Town is located on an island and welcomes you with a most beautiful townscape, with its many landmark buildings. Werder (Havel) is the fruit-growing centre in the Havelland and one of Germany's biggest national festivals, the popular Tree Blossom Festival, has been taking place in Werder since 1879.

Picturesque island town

When approaching Werder (Havel) by boat, the townscape of the historic town centre greets you from afar. The Old Town is located on an island in the middle of the Havel River and it is a must for all boaters to drop anchor here to explore its narrow and winding cobbled lanes.
In and around Werder there are a number of outfitters where you can rent a canoe or motorboat or you can get aboard one of the numerous passenger ships and enjoy the natural beauty of Werder's lakeland from the water.

Tree blossoms

The best time of the year to visit Werder (Havel) is in the spring when thousands of fruit trees are in full bloom. The town is the undisputed fruit-growing centre in the Havelland. The Tree Blossom Festival has been taking place in May every year since 1879.